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Imagine figuring out your way in today's job world, with all the different things academics say and what bosses want. It can be confusing when what you learn in studies doesn't match what employers are after, making it tricky to plan your career.

Whether you prefer flexible hours, want to do well at work, or need a steady job with support, you probably know where you want to go in your career. But, like with any generation, it's not just about dreaming – you've got to work hard to get there. To help you out, we've put together 15 tips to guide you in your career journey.

1. Goal setting

Regularly review and adjust your career goals based on market demands, personal aspirations, and insights gained through networking events and industry-specific job boards to ensure alignment with available opportunities.

2. Self-assessment

Utilise online self-assessment tools, seek feedback from industry professionals at networking events, and leverage insights from staffing agencies to comprehensively evaluate your skills and career trajectory.

3. Network, network, and network

Actively engage with hiring companies and recruitment specialists at networking events and job fairs, leveraging your connections to uncover hidden employment opportunities and stay updated on industry trends.

4. Seeking out mentor support

Connect with seasoned professionals in human resources or talent acquisition through executive search firms or recruitment agencies, seeking mentorship to navigate the recruitment process and enhance your job search strategy.

5. Internships

Explore internship opportunities through employment agencies specialising in talent acquisition or workforce management, leveraging their expertise to secure valuable hands-on experience in your desired field.

6. Shadowing a professional

Request shadowing opportunities from hiring companies or recruitment specialists to gain insights into the recruitment process and understand the qualities sought in top-talent candidates.

7. Volunteering

Engage in volunteer work related to workforce management or education recruitment to demonstrate your commitment to the field and expand your network with like-minded professionals and hiring companies.

8. Online training

Enhance your qualifications through online courses and certifications tailored to recruitment and selection, leveraging job boards and recruitment agencies to identify in-demand skills and stay ahead of employment trends.

9. Polishing your CV

Optimise your CV with keywords relevant to direct recruitment and talent acquisition, ensuring it captures the attention of applicant tracking systems and hiring managers searching for top talent candidates.

10. Make your CV error-free

Utilise job application platforms provided by recruitment agencies to submit error-free CVs for job vacancies, maximising your chances of being selected for direct-hire positions.

11. Putting your CV online

Leverage recruitment agencies and job boards specialising in career openings and employment opportunities to showcase your CV to hiring companies actively seeking top-talent candidates.

12. LinkedIn profiling

Enhance your LinkedIn profile with keywords related to job search and talent acquisition, optimising it for visibility to recruitment specialists and hiring managers seeking top talent candidates.

13. Hire the services of a career coach

Consider investing in the services of a career coach specialising in recruitment and selection, leveraging their expertise to optimise your job application strategy and interview preparation.

14. How to take criticism

Embrace constructive feedback received during the recruitment and job application stages, utilise it as an opportunity for continuous improvement and demonstrate resilience to hiring companies and recruitment specialists.

15. Nonstop learning

Stay updated on employment trends and staffing solutions through job boards, industry networking events, and professional development opportunities, demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning and workforce management excellence.


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