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What is it?

The Kickstart Scheme is an opportunity to create thousands of high quality job placements for young people. Funding available for each job will cover:

  • The relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week
  • Plus the associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.

Through this program, employers will be able to access a large pool of young people with potential, ready for an opportunity.

kickstart scheme

What is its purpose?

  • Jobs should not displace other jobs
  • Proactive steps should be taken at a local level
  • Priority should be on job creation
  • Good employer support will create scale
  • Young people will need support
  • Employers need to be supported to offer full time jobs
  • Proactive support will help prevent young people returning to benefits at 6 months.

Want to get involved?

Employers from all industries and across the private, public and voluntary sectors can get involved

KBM Recruitment comes in with the Intermediary role. We can submit an application on your behalf, using other employers to create 30 or more job placements in one application.

Candidates:Once your application is accepted it will be sent to your local Job Centre where a Work Coach will select a number of suitable young people who are at risk of long-term unemployment and ready for work.

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