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How we work

KBM has widespread contacts to offer individuals access to many exclusive vacancies and employers - signing up to KBM will be your ticket to a job offer.

If you are in the job search, you will know that identification of suitable positions, submitting application and preparation for a job interview is a long process. The searching job sometimes affects your motivation if you have rejections or the struggle you put in finding positions that fit your exposure.

Joining KBM recruitment will assist you in getting out of these worries. You are free to use our services; we are well-connected to employers across all industries in the UK. KBM will also offer you constructive careers advice.

Searching for a job isn’t an easy process for you

It does not matter that at what stage you’re at in your professional career. We will guide you through your job search for your right job role. So you can get benefit from our recruitment services.

Our recruitment process

We have a professional recruitment team, which consistently work to match candidates with the job vacancies of hundreds of employers across the UK. We work directly with employers to fill their job roles.  On the other hand, we a career advisory staff who help candidates to optimise and edit their CVs. They are so helpful in preparing you for interviews. Hence, you will have a perfect solution at KBM.

Our working methods

We use various recruitment methods. Across the UK, hundreds of employers and companies are connected with us. They are regularly in touch with us for their workforce demand. We first look at our database to fill the vacancies. Alongside, we also post the jobs online to find the right skills for the employer. When we find a suitable candidate, then we send their application to employers for their approval. Then we arrange interviews for the best-matched candidates.

How will you join our recruitment agency?

You can any time contact us for our services and sign up straight away. It will be better if you can book an appointment before you visit our office. Additionally, if you have uploaded your CV in our database, our recruitment advisor will get in touch with you directly. We will also let you know the current and future vacancies of your choice.

How do you can apply for jobs through KBM?

Our recruitment consultant will work in the middle between you and the employer. We will send your CV and put you forward for your interview.

In case you are successful, our consultants will help you with the interview preparation. We will give you many interview tips and techniques, which will be so helpful in your success. Additionally, you will feel fully capable and prepared for the interview.

What are the benefits of using KBM recruitment?

You will have a lot of advantages when you choose us. KBM has built professional relationships with many top-notch employers. We will give you exclusive access to their jobs through our database. Our team will suggest positions that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about them. The glaring benefit you can have from the KBM include:

  • Expert interview coaching
  • Specialist advice for your chosen field
  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Constructive feedback from each interview and employer
  • Put you forward for any relevant job roles that come up

What happens next if I get a job?

When you get your dream job, our assistance will not stop there. We will help you with fulfilling formalities and paperwork. Our recruitment team will coordinate with your employer for your first day and beyond. We will also help you in negotiating a salary with your employers. It will help set the best salary package and your other benefits.

Employers and stakeholders involvement

Regular communication through our network helps us identify current & future skills needs. We keep our industry knowledge always updated. Further, we provide this information to students and professionals. Our dedicated staff manage relationships with employers and other stakeholders. KBM network includes Local authorities, sector skills councils, local enterprise partnership and other recruitment agencies.

Job matching

Our network helps candidate and employers to find the best match to fill vacancies/skills gaps. We conduct skills needs assessments of employers to promote tailored programmes of staff development and progression. We individually tailor our programmes of learning following the robust initial assessment, skills matching against job specs from the employer skills gap analysis identifying training activity compliant with guidance.


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